unicorn shannon is a queerly whimsical artivist from toronto who believes art is as essential to life as air .

unicorn shannon is currently using acrylic paint + a couple of palette knives to create abstract paintings where texture is just as important as colour . each piece of art is a conversation with the universe .

the unicorn is also spreading love throughout beast york with magickal rainbow unicorn art + protest signs ✨ #unicornsightings #artivism

additionally , the unicorn likes to create in ink – mandalas + mountains , forests + moonflowers , + of course unicorns , moons + all things magickal . and yaaas artwork is available for purchase ! paintings , cards + original drawings , as well as things like tattoo + logo design or whimsical wall murals , unicorn party decor , you get the idea … so send a message .

for latest artwork ::
follow on instagram @unicornstudiostoronto

stay sparkley .

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