STOP the 413 – free colouring page

the ontario government is trying to destroy more forests + wetlands by adding more pavement – the useless 413 highway – as well as some kind of housing developments “to capitalize on our investment”

which really means that the rich white dudes who “own the land” but currently can’t get money out of it , want to create a false need – the 413 – a highway which experts claim will only relieve traffic by about 30 seconds – then they would “have to” put houses there + whatever other oppressive investments they think of .

which is also a perfect example of a horrible idea because much of the land is wetlands … wetlands are super important to the lands water flow … when it rains , wetlands swell up with the rainwater , then slowly release it back into the earth .

when you build a lil town of subdivisions on wetlands – you FLOOD . where do you expect that water to go ? you now all have indoor pools .

when you understand that under capitalism a forest has no value until it is cut down , you begin to understand the root of our ecological crises .

so i channeled my anger + frustration into art + created this colouring page . please print + add colour . post it online + in the streets . tell your friends . please send / tag me so i can see too . be well ✨


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